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WellWall - Loss Circulation Material (LCM)

WellWallTM - Loss Circulation Material (LCM)

OHS Resources produces and sells WellWallTM a loss circulation material (LCM). WellWallTM LCM is used in water-based, oil-based or synthetic based drilling fluids. WellWallTM LCM forms a filtercake faster and works better than other LCMs on the market. WellWallTM is made from a unique blend of cellulose flakes and natural polymers which form a filtercake very rapidly to reduce drilling fluid losses quickly. The WellWall LCM works better than any other LCMs like shredded paper, walnut shells, ground cotton waste and other non-woody plant materials. We will be glad to go head to head on a live well or lab test against any LCM on the market and prove that we work better. And we have test results and case histories to prove it.

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