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OHS Resources Corporation provides oil and gas drilling clients with top-quality loss circulation material and spill cleanup solutions.

Our primary product, WellWall TM , has been used in over thousands of wells worldwide, and our SPILLCLEANUP TM product is 30 times more effective than traditional clay kitty litter. With our commitment to excellence and expertise in solving drilling fluid loss and seepage problems, we are a dependable source of top-quality drilling materials.

About OHS Resources

OHS Resources is a Texas corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. We are a worldwide product distribution company. In USA onshore, we are in many locations, but we specialize in the West Texas Permian Basin, which includes the Delaware Basin.

We manufacture and distribute WellWall TM a Loss Circulation Material (LCM) that is proven to be one of the best LCMs in the industry. It is a special cellulose LCM product manufactured with proprietary polymers. OHS Resources uses cellulose flakes and non toxic organic polymers to make our LCM product that forms a filtercake quicker than other LCMs to block the major out flows of drilling fluids escaping from the borehole. Once drilling is complete it is also easy to remove with good solulability results.

Our engineers can help to maximize the operation of your LCM on location for vertical and horizonal drilling. We can put you in touch with a number of mud companies, which can confirm our LCM is the best in the drilling industry. You can waste a lot of money on LCMs that do not work. We have experience in most USA basins with all types of fluids whether water based, oil based or synthetic based. We have experience and case histories of using our WellWall LCM in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Brazil, Russia, USA and in many other parts of the world.

Our Customer Say

We take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers. And we are committed to providing quality LCM, reliable cleanup solutions, and exceptional service.

The product is truly the best in the industry, and it has saved us a lot of money and headaches. We highly recommend it to anyone in the oil and gas drilling industry.

Oilwell Drilling Company

OHS Resources’ SPILLCLEANUP TM product is a game-changer. We’re impressed with the quality of the product and the excellent service we receive from the OHS team.

Drilling Fluids Company

We have been using OHS Resources’ SPILLCLEANUP TM product for over a year, and it has been a great addition to our spill cleanup protocol.

Industrial Lubrication Manufacturer
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