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Oil spills can devastate the environment, and cleaning them up is complex and challenging. At OHS Resources, we believe that our SPILLCLEANUPTM product offers significant environmental benefits over traditional clay kitty litter, and in this post, we’ll explain why.

First and foremost, SPILLCLEANUPTM is made from Earth’s most absorbent natural material. It is 30 times more absorbent than clay kitty litter, meaning it can absorb more oil with less material. This reduces the waste generated during the clean-up process, which is better for the environment.

SPILLCLEANUPTM is made from the plant particles of the kenaf plant. Kenaf plant particles are the world’s most absorbent natural material. Many research studies confirm this, including one by the U.S. Navy, which states that kenaf particles and powder are the “most absorbent natural material on earth.

  • Use for Oil, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Fluid, Solvents, Water, and Most Other Liquid Spills.
  • 30 Times More Absorbent than Clay.
  • Just pour on most spills.
  • Easy to sweep up for disposal.
  • It starts drawing up liquid very quickly.
  • It soaks up the most volume by weight.
  • Made from a plant, not a chemical or a polymer, and is not toxic, a truly GREEN product.
  • Easy to handle saves time in a spill emergency.

Use SPILLCLEANUPTM for engine shop maintenance or emergency spill response. For shop maintenance, apply a small amount of SPILLCLEANUPTMunder a dripping engine oil spill or other liquid spills, keeping the work area safe from slippery falls (it works 30 times better than clay or kitty litter). SPILLCLEANUPTM controls spills in an emergency response on a highway and is used to absorb the liquid quickly for proper disposal.

In addition to its superior absorbency, SPILLCLEANUPTM is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional clay kitty litter, which can take years to decompose and can leach harmful chemicals into the soil, SPILLCLEANUPTM is made from natural materials that break down quickly and do not harm the environment.

Another benefit of SPILLCLEANUPTM is that it can be disposed of safely and efficiently. The product is composed of non-toxic cellulose plant material and can be safely disposed of without harm to the environment. The SPILLCLEANUPTM product should be disposed of in accordance with relevant Federal, State, and Local Regulations that apply to the type of liquid that has been absorbed. 

At OHS Resources, we are committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions to our clients, and SPILLCLEANUPTM is no exception. We understand the importance of protecting the environment, and our product can make a real difference in reducing the environmental impact of oil spills.

In conclusion, SPILLCLEANUPTM is a highly effective and environmentally friendly solution for oil spill clean-up. Its superior absorbency, biodegradability, and ease of disposal make it a better choice than traditional clay kitty litter for reducing the environmental impact of oil spills. At OHS Resources, we are proud to offer this product to our clients and to do our part in protecting the environment. 

Contact us today to learn more about how SPILLCLEANUPTM can help you mitigate environmental risks associated with oil spills.

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